Working towards a more sustainable future.

Optus Stadium has been working towards a more sustainable, plastic-free future since opening in 2018.

In October 2022, the Stadium introduced 100% recoverable paper cups, to support the WA Government’s Plan for Plastics, which banned the use of single-use plastic cups from 1 October.

While the roll-out of the paper cups has been well received, Optus Stadium continues to review the options available to us as part of our sustainability and waste management planning.

Two new reusable cup trials will be rolled-out at selected Bar outlets (124, 131 and 136) during the 2024 AFL Season:

  1. Rounds 7, 8 & 9 – Stack-Cup 
  2. Round 11, 12 & 13 – WOSUP Aluminium Cup

Post trial, paper cups will continue to be used across the Stadium.

Frequently Asked Questions 

The reusable beer cup will be $0.30 extra per cup, this extra charge is to support the additional resources required to collect, wash and restock the bar outlets with fresh clean cups.

No, after each drink is consumed the cup should be returned to the dedicated beer cup bins which will be on the concourse and clearly marked. Please do not put the cups in either the red waste bin or yellow recycling bin.

Optus Stadium wants to determine what is the best option in terms of cups used for tap beer and other beverages. There are many options to choose from, including a paper cup, a reusable plastic cup and a reusable aluminium cup. These trials will give us the opportunity to understand which is preferred by our fans and our operational teams, assessing what provides the best fan experiences, what has the best ease of use and what is the best option in terms of sustainability.

No, only the cups collected and washed onsite at Optus Stadium in line with our ISO 22000 accredited Food Safety Management System will be used in the bars.

Yes, feedback will be gathered onsite from fans during the event from a research team as well as post event through organised fan focus groups.

Yes, the Stadium will continue to use the paper cups post-trial.

The reusable cups are only being trialed on selected outlets on Level 1.

This cup will then go to landfill as it cannot be re-used if it is not put in the correct bin.

Cups are not available for individual purchase.

This is a trial for a beer cup only, any permanent changes after the trial will include a solution for wine.

Many stadium users prefer fresh beer from the tap with 8 to 1 sales of tap beer to canned beer.